Billing issue

Due to a Billing bug many customers are been charged double for their renewal on their invoice!

Please contact our support to sort this and we will send you a new invoice with the correct amount!

If you already have paid the invoice, don't worry, in that case your subscription will be extended twice automaticly!

Thanks for understanding!

1 ינואר 2021
Forum updated

Join our forum for latest updates, tutorials and support, also for complains & requests:

4 נובמבר 2020
One Package prices updated

Since 31st October 2020, 1 package prices for clients has been decreased and updated.

31 אוקטובר 2020
New Resellers Panel !

Since yesterday, we moved to a new panel.
Resellers need to contact us by ticket to get access details.


22 יולי 2020
All old domains turned off !

From today 04 July 2020, all old domains are turned off, you need to use the new domain. You can find it in your client area portal and same domain for the m3u lines.

For resellers read cms dashboard all explained there.

4 יולי 2020
New domain

Due to latest attacks and trouble we get, we decided to stop all old domains, every client need to use the new one, just log into your account, service/product and download the new playlist, also you can see there the new portal adress. For resellers, everyone need to make his own domain that will be activated in his panel. Log into your panel to ... לקריאה נוספת »

22 יוני 2020
Clients prices decreased

New prices for direct clients:

1 month = 12€
3 months = 30€
6 months = 50€
12 months = 80€

Contact us by ticket to get your service prices updated also your invoices one.

27 מאי 2020
Resellers prices decreased

In order to stay competitive, we decreased prices for resellers as below:

1 month = 6€
3 months = 15€
6 months = 25€
12 months = 40€

25 מאי 2020
New dashboard for all resellers & subresellers

All resellers & subresellers need to use the new dashboard with same old XC credentials, contact by Ticket for its url.

Billing website remains for buying credits only, please allow till 24h sometimes for paypal credits to be added to your panel.

26 אוקטובר 2019