About Mag250 problems to load portal

Mag250 same than Siptv app on smart tv, is a very old box and can't handle all amount of channels and VOD we have (more than 90,000 content..)

So you have two solutions: 
- Ask as to remove VOD from your account if you want keep using it.
- Buy new mag model such as mag322

22nd Nov 2018
Basic questions get ignored !

Some clients ask even how to enter a mag portal .. 

Use forum and google for basic questions.. tickets with such requests got ignored !

19th Nov 2018
Not having adult channels ?

If you don't have adult channels in your list and need them.

Just write us a ticket and will be added for free to your account.

11th Nov 2018
VPN are now enabled 24h/day, illegal restream = ban !

Due to ISP block, all VPN are now enabled 24 hours/day.

Any attempt to restream make your account banned, and for reseller his panel & lines banned !

6th Nov 2018
Best way for VPN

The best & easy way to get a vpn and run the service is to install a vpn in an android box and turn it on, seems in smart tv too is possible.

3rd Nov 2018