UK Clients need VPN for watching live matches !

Due to UK ISP block, we no more garantee the service to run on sports channels at match time in UK without using a VPN ! This only affecting UK Sports channels, all non-sport channels should work fine.

So UK clients need to use a VPN if they want to watch the UEFA & 3pm matches. After matches all should run without needing a VPN enabled.

24th Oct 2018
New Prices for end clients

We decided to decrease prices for our end clients in full packages offer. 


17th Oct 2018
No Support for Subresellers & for Clients of Resellers !

If you bought the service from a reseller you need to contact him for any support and request.

We give only support to our end clients and direct resellers !

16th Oct 2018
About ISP Block !

We provide a perfect service with world class quality !

If your ISP blocks IPTV you can't blam as ! you need to change ISP or use VPN.

We garantee quality and continuity of delivery, but when it comes to something related to your ISP & to your Internet connection we can't do anything ! It's not something related to our service !

11th Oct 2018
IP Ban

Make sure to use only one device at a time, otherwise your access can be easily blocked same than your IP.

11th Oct 2018
Problem with servers

Yesterday we had problem with the main proxy server, fixed since.

Thanks for your understand.

9th Oct 2018
No manual swap or changes for Resellers

Due to hundreds of requests each day from resellers to do manual swap between m3u & mag or e2, can't handle anymore those manual requests. So stopped doing those swap and changes.You need to make sure before subscribe your clients, as for now only solution is to wait expiration date to make him changing from m3u to mag or e2.We're working in a ... Espandi »

7th Oct 2018
Siptv App on smart TV !

We have the biggest list in the market (more than 90000 vods & more than 6500 channels), siptv app is very limited app, so isn't able to load the full playlist !On Smart TV you need to use Smart STB app or better a decent box (best are mag one !)So stop asking why playlist can't be load in Siptv app ! otherwise choose only one package & ... Espandi »

6th Oct 2018
ExpatTV clients

Due to the scam of an old support member, we was forced to block all ExpatTV clients (as he transferred them to his reseller panel).We're working to reactive ExpatTV clients one by one and manually.For an easy management of your account, please register in our billing website and contact us with your line or mac so we will recover it link it to ... Espandi »

2nd Oct 2018
About tickets !

You must write only one ticket and wait for a reply, tickets are bein replied from oldest to newest one !
If you reply or write again on it, it will be queued at end of the list again !

1st Oct 2018