Stopping selling for direct clients

We decided to stop selling our service to direct clients.

We have hundreds of resellers from whom you can buy it.

Join our forum to find them:

10th Oct 2019
Renewing accounts

We're still working in our new system. Resellers and clients can renew their accounts directly in the website using whmcs. Note: There's still bugs with current whmcs module.

23rd Sep 2019
Websafe needs to be disabled for VM ISP users

If you have virgin media, you need to disable websafe: With Virgin media the tool you want to disable is called Websafe. To do this please follow these steps.  • Register or sign in at with your primary username and password.  • Click on My Apps  • Click on Overview  • Turn both Virus Safe ... Read More »

1st Sep 2019
Portals to use


11th Aug 2019
Main support and contact : Skype

Skype id: IPTV-KING

Skype Clients Support Group link:

No spam no waist of time !

Thanks !



22nd Jun 2019
Main server blocked

Dear Clients & Resellers,

Main server been blocked today, we've replaced it, all should work fine now, some dns propagation and all domains will be reachable again.

Thanks for your understand.

9th Jun 2019
Use forum for basic helps

Dear clients,

Ticket support is for fixing issues in your account only.

Please use forum for basic help and advices.

Thanks !

30th Apr 2019
Reseller Plan & How to become reseller

Reseller Plan:    Warning: Reseller need at least 10 accounts to reach on the 2 first months.    The minimum credit for being reseller is 200 euros and reseller receive his panel minutes after his first payment, delivered with the credit he paid. contact us after to get your panel password.    Each duration of trial account is 12 hours ... Read More »

16th Mar 2019
About Farangbox clients !

The reseller since months have a big due not paid, so we have not been paid for your accounts ! 

All disabled till they pay their due !

You need to contact them not us !

5th Dec 2018
About Mag250 problems to load portal

Mag250 same than Siptv app on smart tv, is a very old box and can't handle all amount of channels and VOD we have (more than 90,000 content..)

So you have two solutions: 
- Ask as to remove VOD from your account if you want keep using it.
- Buy new mag model such as mag322

22nd Nov 2018