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Enigma E2 Plugin Installation

E2 Plugin

E2 plugin now updated and new way to install it:

1. You need to install it and choose the good version for your receiver from the plugin website:

2. Activation code: 270863

IMPORTANT: You need to choose in your order the service m3u + Xtream TV E2 plugin and don’t forget to write the Plugin Mac adress !

Installation process:

– For almost all Enigma2 receivers (Vu+, Dreambox..), you just need to connect to your receiver with Telnet using DCC or Putty, easy install the plugin: just copy, paste & enter on telnet this command :

opkg install

– For Vu 4k and Gigablue sf4008:

opkg install

– For old boxes DM800 clones with old openpli 2.1:

opkg install

– For the newest dreambox UHD receivers:

opkg install


In case you want to uninstall the plugin just run via putty this command:
opkg remove XtreamTv

You need to send us after installation, the Mac adress shown in the up right corner of the plugin. Nothing else needed, and you start watching from that plugin, you’ll find it in Plugin Lists, called “KING BOX” .


Follow these steps:
On Left Side At The Top Click On The 3 Lines To Open
Go To Xtream Codes API And Click Then Click The + In Top Right
Name Playlist What You Want i.e King-Box
Then Enter the playlist main domain in this format “http://dns:port”
Enter Your Login Details For Your King-Box Account (m3u username & password)
Then Select Add
Click On Force EPG To Update
That is now done!


PVR IPTV Simple Client KODI

Open Kodi
Select TV (or Live TV if you are on a version lower than 15.2 and if you are then consider updating)
Select General
Select Enabled
You will now see a pop-up saying that you have no PVR Client enabled. Select OK
Scroll down and select PVR IPTV Simple Client
Select Enable
Select Configure
In General select M3U Play List URL
Copy the URL you received from us and paste it into the address section highlighted and select OK
Select OK
Reboot Kodi
On your Home Screen you should now see TV (or Live TV if on an older version of Kodi). Open that to see the live channel list
Select a channel for it to load and play.

The PVR Simple Client should now be setup with live tv streams available.

IPTV on Enigma2 (DreamBox/Vu+..): Script line !

Download and install DCC or Putty
Open DCC or Putty .
Typing host name : local ip address for box
Connection type setting : Telnet
Username and password entered ( user and pass : root )
Copy the command line we send you by email: wget -O /etc/enigma2/ “http://dns:port/get.php?username=XXX&password=XXX&type=enigma22_script&output=mpegts” && chmod 777 /etc/enigma2/ && /etc/enigma2/
Paste it in DCC or Putty ssh
Enter / Wait for it to be installed
Restart the receiver
Go to your box “Favorites” and you should have a new bouquet with the name KING-BOX.

Perfect Player for Android Phone, Android Box, Android TV V2, Amazon Fire TV

Install Perfect Player from the Playstore or from here
Open Perfect Player
Open Perfect Player Settings Menu (cog icon)
Select General
Select Playlist 1
Enter the m3u line you received by email in this format
Give the playlist a name
Select OK
Select EPG 1
Enter the xmltv line you received by email in this format
Change download if no data on current date to Download once a day (drop down menu click on little triangle)
Select OK
Press Back Twice
Press the 3 line button on remote/c on keyboard/touch screen touch little square icon top left
Change Epg Show Epg to Epg Hide Epg
If all steps have been done correctly and there are no typos you should have a Channel List and EPG
If it doesn’t load a Channel List or EPG the corresponding url has a typo you have done it wrong.

Smart STB app for Samsung, LG & other Smart TV's

As many problems with Siptv app, the best and useful app to use now is the Smart STB app (running same than Mag box), even those who don’t have the Google Play Store on theire TV’s and are unable to load the free stb-emulator can use it.
You can install it from google store searching for “Smart STB”
We think it’s well worth it as the stb interface has a nice appearance and is really user friendly also very stable same than Mag boxes.
To Register and get your smart-stb Trial please visit:
You need to provide the virtual mac of the app after installation.
The Portal Address you should have received it in your product info email and looks like this > : http://**.*.club/c
You can get a 7 Day trial from theire website. The app is $27.99 for a lifetime licence.

MAG, STB Emulator, Formuler, Stalker Boxes

You need to go to:
System settings
Portals: write there portal url you received from us
Select the portal it will load.

SipTV, Smart IPTV

First you need to install in your TV the Siptv app

You just need after to go to this website:

In “Add external playlist links (URLs), with auto-update” put at first in the area “MAC” your TV Mac Adress, and in the “Link” Area, paste there the m3u line you received from us. Don’t forget to tick “SAVE ONLINE” or vod will not work !

IMPORTANT: In the Siptv website the m3u file upload has a max file size of 5Mb, and as our is more than 5Mb you need to paste the URL link in add external playlist (m3u_plus) as upload is works ok over 5Mb.

Roku Devices
  1. Search & install the app called “IPTV PLAYLIST PLAYER”
  2. Open it
  3. Click on “add new or update playlist”
  4. Paste there the m3u line you received from us, than click on “save your playlist”
  5. Channel playlist will load than you start watching
EPG: Xmltv config line

xmltv for getting EPG for Kodi & Android Boxes (change XXX with user & pass of the m3u line):