E2 Plugin

How to install E2 Plugin:

It's highly recommended to install first in your e2 box PLI images as they're the main one supporting the Xtream Plugin that was build to be used in Pli images:

For almost all Enigma2 receivers (Vu+, Dreambox..), you just need to connect to your receiver with Telnet using DCC or Putty, easy install the plugin: just copy, paste & enter on telnet this command : 
opkg install http://king-box.club/enigma2/XtreamTV_mips32el.ipk
- For Vu 4k and Gigablue sf4008:
opkg install http://king-box.club/enigma2/XtreamTV_armv7a.ipk
- For old boxes DM800 clones with old openpli 2.1:
opkg install http://king-box.club/enigma2/XtreamTV_mipsel.ipk
- For Spark:
opkg install http://king-box.club/enigma2/XtreamTV_sh4.ipk
you can also manually install the files if you have ftp access to the box, to do so please do the following

- First download the needed files from above
- ftp into the box's ip addy and log in as usual
- Locate the folder called "tmp" and drop the needed file you downloaded into there
- Start up putty and log into the box using telnet
- run the following commands
- opkg update
- opkg install "full filename" replace "full filename" with the full name of the file, ie opkg install XtreamTV_0.0.6_mipsel.ipk

In case you want to uninstall the plugin just run via putty this command:
opkg remove XtreamTv

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